Photon tracing vs. Ray tracing

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Photon tracing vs. Ray tracing

Postby sajis997 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:34 pm

Hello forum

I want to discuss the conceptual differences between the photon tracing and ray tracing to remove some of my confusions over this issue.

1. In ray tracing , ray gather radiance , in the code it can be expressed as follows : color += trace(ray);

2. In photon tracing, photon propagate flux. I do not understand how to put this into code . Any hint

In Photon mapping we usually store two different type of photons: caustic photons and global photons.

While generating and storing caustic photons, we emit light ray while the number of photons is not traced. Whenever the light ray hits the diffuse surface we absorb and store the photon in the photon map. How do we calculate the power of the photon ? Initially we have the color of the light that is scaled by the number of photons. Shall we need to do anything further after this scaling process or just store the scaled power inside the photon map structure?


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