Mutation questions

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Mutation questions

Postby Zelcious » Thu May 30, 2013 10:09 am

Does anyone have any objections against:
* Using the contribution of the full path and all subpaths containing the eye, each scaled by the density change up to that point when calculating acceptance probability.
* A pertubation where you have the same number of diffuse vertices but allow the number of specular vertices to change between each diffuse vertex. Uniform probability for specular properties will probably ease with the density calculation.

The equal deposition algorithm in "Implementing energy redistribution" should use density change between y and z, not x and y, right? Feels wrong to the way it is in that "paper".

Have anyone tried to do a partial smoothing of the brdf of the first specular hit to possibly enable better causitics mutitions and avoid getting stuck in really hard cases. The smoothing will only be applied on the importance function and contribution of a "smoothed" path will be zero to make it unbiased.

Has anyone tried to hash the first diffuse to hit to enable mutations with really high acceptance probability ala photonmapping? I'm not really sure this could be made unbiased but I have an idea....

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