adjoint bsdf for shading normals

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adjoint bsdf for shading normals

Postby jun » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:53 am

Hi everyone, I'm handling shading normals in my bdpt, and I'm confused about the adjoint bsdf for shading normals.

In veach's thesis, p.152, he derived the adjoint bsdf by first writing out a modified bsdf (equation 5.17), then compute the adjoint bsdf for this modified bsdf. My question is why do we use the modified bsdf, but not the original bsdf function to derive the adjoint bsdf, is it because the project solid angle measure is defined with respect to geometry normal?

This leads to my second question, where should we use geometry normal and where should we use shading normal? In my implementation, geometry normal only appears when calculating the adjoint bsdf, and I use shading normal everywhere else, for example, when converting solid angle pdf to area pdf.



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