Some voxel tracing

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Some voxel tracing

Post by michael_hpp » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:30 pm

not sure if that's the right place to post it, but as I'm damn happy to find this ompf-temp, I want to celebrate it by posting something :)

I am working on animated voxels since quite a while and I slowly start to get to a point where I can actually get some eye candy results:
(I will post more once the whole project is done).

the image is rendered with 4FSAA @720p and I cast 16rays per pixel for the occlusion estimate -> ~58MRays and it's running with about 87ms/frame. But there is a lot more going on (postprocessing etc.) which is not visible on this debug screenshot. For the final rendering I'll probably use far less rays, but this screen was made for quality, not performance, who cares it's just 12fps :D

my tools are c++, Direct3D11, Cuda for tracing on my GTX460 2GB, the scene is the historical museum of london, which was a lighting challenge, ... I will post the full credits once I'm done with it all.

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Re: Some voxel tracing

Post by straaljager » Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:36 am

That's a pretty cool image. How does it relate to animated voxels? And are you using DX11 or CUDA for voxel raytracing?

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