some work in progress shots

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some work in progress shots

Post by nhm » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi guys,

Back on the old site I posted some very early shots from my rendering engine. Here's a couple of new ones. There's still many bugs in the code and I've still got a lot of work to do to improve the results and rendering performance (no acceleration structure at all for raytracing). Images are generated by running multiple ray tracing, photon mapping, and final gather passes. Each pass is totally independent from other passes. Theoretically it should parallelize very well.

Each of the scenes below were generated with the following parameters:
20 passes, 1M photons per pass, 4 final gather rays per pass, and photon radius multiplier of 0.9 per pass.

Source code (Needs some cleanup, be kind!) is available at github:

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