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dry lab demo

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:41 pm
by rouncer
Showing off me tweaking my new dry lab cook torrence material

The exe will be here thursday 11th of feb, its a total blast! :) ...

Re: dry lab demo

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:14 pm
by rouncer
did a bit more work. i might not quite make the deadline sorry :( theres some complication with constant buffers.
Ill see what I can do, i also having pressing matters to do with mental illness, and ill see if i can get this thing done, anyway.

heres a little demo-> (but it has a big problem with the controls.) ...

this little baby will be really good for a bit of fractal photography, it looks really nice, hopefully ill get it done soon, as i promised.

Re: dry lab demo

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:00 pm
by rouncer
ok you wouldnt believe it, but my psychiatrist turned to the good side all of a sudden, and decided to trust me and i scored a free pass just on oral medication!
Fixed the constant buffer problem, It should be right by the thursday deadline, (tomorrow late afternoon) getting this thing finished.

Only things left is a bit of gui work, and the load and save.

Of course,the interface is a bit rushed, but ill make sure its complete for a rushed interface... I dont have a layman around thats interested in graphics enough to give my confused interface a run through and get some ideas off him.

better demo of the current state of the machine, at the end it resembles something nice and organic, just from the cook&torrence on the surface of a nicely detailed meshless fractal function.

No more posts until I post the source and binary of this thing. sorry for these premature posts, but I started doing it, now im going to stop. :)

Re: dry lab demo

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:50 am
by rouncer
Ok here it is, its untested on any computer except mine tho, it runs okish on at least 1024 cuda cores. (gtx 680 spec)

This is all i can do, until someone leaves a message back for me.

[link updated once -now has an fps report, and slightly prettier scenes, but i can do alot better. key '[' and key ']' now toggle the two speculars on and off.)
[WOOPS! big bug in it! i had a namespace confliction on the ditherbias control!!! it heaps better with the fix!! - SECOND EDIT] ... 3444585022

Its a full release non debug build, so i guess i did it right, but i havent released an app in so long, im not the best at getting them to work on all computers.

Source isnt included yet, but itll be on the way towards tonight.

EDIT->>>> (6:11 pm, thursay 11th. perth time)

little gem shot of this crusty dithered baby->

ok, so i found a few bugs, i really rushed it out too quick, i had a lack of energy to make the proper decent settings, and i forgot to include the readme.txt,
if you guys wait a couple more days ill have better sets, and theres a few things that were missing that
are going in. so v2 is coming out, and when it does the 3 cpp file project will be there.
soon, not quite sure when.

after a bit more testing ->

Re: dry lab demo

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:49 am
by rouncer

U can grab directly off my computer here.
its permanent, but my computer has to be on, I pretty much leave it on for good mostly, but it may be switched off, so if you wait a little bit, itll be on again, no matter what time domain your in. (cause im up all night programming most the time hehe)

Theres another program there if your a smoker and something bad has started to happen to your health, its an egg timer for a wannabe ex smoker.