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Vilem Otte
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Post by Vilem Otte » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:03 am

Let me introduce my small "semestral" project here. It took roughly around 20 hours to complete it to current state and I still have about the same time before me. So what it is?

I've been ordered to make a project in C#, so I took ray tracing (this time nothing high-performance like my OpenCL stuff or CPU wizardy) ... but still better than other ways :mrgreen:.

So what is it? It actually is "modeller" (you can place primitives in scene, or load whole mesh ... translate it around, and most importantly render (now just testing way showing barycentric coordinates)), you can also edit some materials (with basic properties like reflectivity, refractivity, emissivity, etc.). Note that it features some SAH KD-Tree builder to speed up rendering

Also picture is worth thousand words, so this is how it looks like so far ...

In my opinion nothing interesting in comparation to any other of "real" ray tracers, but for anyone interested, after I finish the project (which is actually need to be done next month) its source codes will be available (probably through the information-systems on the school, and I'll also hold them on my site).

I can also count some numbers (like MRays/s or time to build KD-Tree) in C# and compare it to quite similar ray tracer in C++ on the same machine (which actually might be more interesting info than the whole application).

And at last, more (much much much more pretty) images coming soon...

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