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Job offer at NVIDIA ARC/OptiX Team (US or Europe)

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:05 pm
by toxie
And again, a new job offer for you guys (different team this time), here the official description:

Job Description/Qualifications:
Join our team of GPU programming and graphics experts in a senior position to redesign and renovate OptiX, the industry's leading ray tracing engine. Help design and implement the just-in-time compiler at the core of OptiX and other core OptiX functionality. Optimize, debug, and implement OptiX features and sample code. Interact with NVIDIA's CUDA, Iray, architecture and other teams to improve our entire rendering platform. Collaborate with customers and partners to facilitate their use of OptiX.

NVIDIA OptiX is built and maintained by a distributed team, with team members in Salt Lake City, Berlin, Moscow, and elsewhere, and we are open to hiring in all these locations. We pride ourselves on being able to work independently and in teams, tackling very complex software projects, and being highly creative and productive. Some travel to customer sites, remote offices, and conferences will be expected.


At least one domain expertise required:
- Strong knowledge of parallel programming, especially GPU programming, preferably CUDA-based
- Strong knowledge of modern high-performance ray tracing, especially physically-based rendering
- Strong knowledge of compiler algorithms, architecture and implementation, preferably LLVM-based

- Good software design and implementation skills required, especially in C++
- Good debugging skills required
- Good communication and teamwork skills required
- Understanding of current GPU architectures (graphics/compute pipelines) helpful
- Assembly language programming skills helpful
- Experience with OpenGL or DirectX helpful

(please contact me personally via PM if you have more questions or would like to apply)