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Re: Csillámtrace - my new graphics engine

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:08 pm
by Geri
just realist :D

Re: Csillámtrace - my new graphics engine

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:07 am
by Geri
AnimeGirl3D - a tool to convert 2D graphics art to 3D models (obj files)


I discovered several bugs in my ray tracer, while i created this software.

-the memory management was a bit broken: the optimiztaion, that supposed to choose, wich memory size from the voxels should alloc the memory, was broken, and always choosed the largest. fixing this, resulted memory allocation drop by 70%

-a quick voxel adder optimization was broken, resulted slow scene updates, and larger memory sizes. again, another 70% drop in memory usage.

so when i started to write this, it ate 1-2 gbte of ram, now typically it eats a few 100 mbyte.

i use one ray tracer effect in this besides the light/shadow: a simply reflection on the ground.

Re: Csillámtrace - my new graphics engine

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:56 pm
by Geri
Sorry for not talking for a while, but as i alreday mentioned, the ray tracer is finished, and no future developments will be made on it - except fixing the bugs affecting the softwares i am mading with the game engine.

nowdays i am not into visualization or gaming, i am focusing into a very different, and more important part of informatics, which is needing all of my time. it is an another holy grail of the industry, but nobody knows about it yet. after i properly finished that project (that will be probably happen in this year), i will slowly refocus on ray tracing, becouse i have a new idea. i accidentally invented a whole new ray tracing method from a logic error, which was never even discovered or disucces by anybody else.

that method is 10-1000x faster, than my current ray tracer. i am not aware if i still having the worlds only working-in-reality-and-hosting-games realtime ray tracer or not, maybe somebody beat me in the last year, becouse i not folow the news about this industry any more, but i am a kinda shocked from the new method i discovered. it totally distracts me from working on my currelty more important project.

we was so blind.

i will reveal the method later, after i finished my current project, and implemented the new method, for now, in short, it seems, it fixes every current issues with the real time ray tracers even existed, but it creates some new issues that wasnt yet known, and it will probably run on a cell phone on 720p resolution above 25 fps with real global illumination.

the method is not relying on any current algorythms or mathematical trics, therefore, literally everything must be implemented from zero, but a fully funcioning and optimized code is much simplyer than a current triangle/box/voxel/whatever based ray tracer/caster.

i am not yet sure if i were wrong or correct, so thats why i not reveal anything about it currently, but if my method is okay, that will be like throwing out the piston engine (rasterer) and the jet engine (ray tracers), and the new one is like black hole drive in a romulan destroyer.

i am not even sure if i invented a new way of ray tracing, or is it a new form of rendering.

so after i finished my current work properly, i will begin to experiment with that. its shocking how simple the algorythm is.

Re: Csillámtrace - my new graphics engine

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:36 pm
by toxie
keep us updated.. and maybe some pictures incl. framerates?